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What Makes Promotional Outfitters Different?
Experience within the licensing and retail marketplace. Trade shows from the LA Gift Mart to Hong Kong Fair. Researching and developing product for the Mass


 Market (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) & the Gift Retail Ma


rket (Hallmarks, independents, etc.). This foundation enables us to develop wicked M E R C H ideation.

The typical M E R C H answer/default may be a o


ne-color T-shirt. However, the solution probably is selecting the right fabric, cut and style. Then individually fold, poly bag with size sticker and package. Elevating ordinary to extraordinary. The final presentation to your customer is WOWWalt Disney Company calls this “plussing” – give the recipient more than they expect.

Less quantity and more customer experience of your Brand. Have you ever received a Thank You from an ad you did? You will when we creatively collaborate and think through the right solution for your customer. Relax, we work to make the solution happen – domestic or overseas.  

Some of our most visible packaging concepts include the retail tubular packaging for commemorative Coca-Cola Limited Edition bottles (i.e. the Olympics to Sundance Film Festival). We also patented a digital bar caddy that has been used all around the world (COMMcaddy). 

We are a boutique promotional shop that listens and reacts to your ever-changing project environments or goals. Your account is important to us.  You will get the full attention and resources of Promotional Outfitters, Inc.

Promotional Outfitters, Inc. is a female, minority (Native American Indian) owned company. Established in 2000.

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